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Panasonic KX-UT670 and WV-SP102 Review


Today I had the chance to test the capability of the Panasonic KX-UT670 Touch Screen VoIP Phone and the Panasonic WV-SP102 IP Camera, and honestly, I was impressed!  I ever even looked at a user manual.

It took a little bit of playing around, but the display is easy to follow, easy to guess at, and all over easy to use.  I plugged both devices into the router and the phone immediately detected the camera.  The home screen of the phone already has a ‘network camera’ option to take you directly to the IP camera, and you can have several feeds to choose from.  Since I only had the WV-SP102 plugged in, the menu took me straight to it.  It didn’t recognize the correct IP address, so I simply hit ‘menu’, ‘camera registration’ (another camera was registered in the phone even though it wasn’t hooked up, so it let me choose which one), I selected the WV-SP102, quickly put in the correct IP address, port, admin and password (you could also adjust resolution there as well, but the default was fine for me) and bam—all set.  The phone picked it up right away!

The image featured on the KX-UT670 screen is the video feed from the Panasonic WV-SP102.  Mind you, the WV-SP102 feed is being displayed on a touch screen VoIP phone, recording other camera feeds displayed on typical computer monitors, and it has all been captured from an iPhone 5 camera.  Considering all that, you can create your own opinion of the WV-SP102!



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This entry was posted on October 15, 2012 by in Reviews.


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