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What are IP Cameras?

Grandstream IP Camera

An IP camera is a digital surveillance or security camera. IP stands for Internet Protocol, which means instead of feeding the recorded video footage back to a tape through a dedicated cable (coax), the video footage instead streams over the internet.

IP Surveillance doesn’t work one way like the old Closed Circuit Television (CCTV; recording onto a tape or DVR). Since the data travels over the internet, the information goes both ways. Instead of connecting a joystick to a camera, you can control zoom, cropping, and video motion detection trigger events right over the internet. The IP cameras hook up to an IP Surveillance System, and it can be as small and simple or large and complex as you want it to be!

IP cameras come in many different forms and models. You can get box cameras which mount on a wall, or you can be more discreet and go for a mini dome IP camera that hugs close to the ceiling. There are also bullet IP cameras, cube IP cameras, covert IP cameras and thermal IP cameras. IP cameras can be installed indoors, outdoors, they can be wireless or have pan/tilt/zoom capabilities. Whatever your situation may be, there are camera options for you.


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