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Why are IP cameras becoming so popular?

ACTi TCM-1231 outdoor weather-proof PoE IP Camera

Being digital, IP cameras offer more options than CCTV ever will. For one, most (but not all) IP cameras can be powered directly over the Ethernet, so you’ll need to check for PoE or IEEE 802.3af compliance. Several IP cameras have Megapixel resolution, meaning 1 million or more pixels comprise an image. When applied to the right situations, Megapixels (MP) can deliver clear images and allow for video intelligence analytics such as facial recognition and license plate recognition.

Some IP cameras have analytics already built into them, which can also save on storage, bandwidth, and processing power. For instance, if you’re recording a stairwell or entrance and the scene might not change for hours, you don’t have to record all that footage. There are IP cameras that can be programed to watch an image until movement occurs and the camera will begin recording (since the network runs over the internet, some cameras have pre-event recording, which can recall the image data up to 30 seconds prior to the motion detected so you can see it happen from the very beginning!). Other IP cameras can zoom and follow moving objects, trigger alarms, allow for a speaker and microphone to hook up, back up ‘events’ onto memory cards, are weatherproof and/or vandal proof.

This can all be controlled over the internet! Whether you’re using the software that comes with a single camera or manage several cameras with surveillance software, each camera is assigned an IP address (it’s own personal internet address). You can connect to it by typing the 12-digit number into your web browser and access all the features available in your IP camera and program them to your desire. It’s also becoming more common to be able to view your surveillance footage from your smart phone, either from an app or on a web browser. With all the technological features IP cameras have built in, it’s hard not to be swayed.


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