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IP Home Surveillance

It’s more and more common to see home surveillance as an emerging market. Several people have concern for their pets, parents want to keep an eye on the baby room, and apartment owners and managers can protect their tenants with face recognition IP cameras to identify who is entering or hanging around the property. IP surveillance is an easy solution as not only are IP cameras able to run over the internet, but they can work over your wireless network as well!

The Sony IPELA CH110 mounted inside, viewing the street.

The first consideration is where do you want the camera or cameras to face? The front door? The back door? Would you feel better if there was always something focused on your garage or lot? These are the first questions to ask because these create perimeters for exactly what you need your camera to do.

When home surveillance needs fall outside the house, it’s best to look for a weatherproof camera. An IP66-rated weatherproof camera can hold up to dust and some rain pretty well, but if you live in areas of extreme temperatures, best to do your research: some cameras won’t function under freezing and others will literally give out at temperatures above 100 degree. For these unusual conditions, the cameras can become very pricey, so be certain your surveillance is worth the investment and also invest in the correct one the first time so there’s no need for replacing it too soon.

Also, is the neighborhood a concern? If vandalism is a threat, IK10-rated vandal proof cameras are available. Several quality cameras will come with a tamper detection alert, but are not vandal proof, so evaluate your needs. It might cost more or less, depending.

How are you going to power the camera? Some cameras are strictly PoE, some are strictly powered by AC or DC adapters, but a good majority can do both. A reason IP cameras are so popular is because the installation costs are much cheaper: running Cat5 cable to the corner of your garage might seem expensive, but it will generally be easier and cheaper than running electricity and coax cable to the camera. If doing this, a PoE enabled switch will be necessary. If you’re not fond of running any cable, Wireless IP cameras are becoming widely available and might be worth considering.

Surveillance companies realize the growing necessity of mobile monitoring and several such as Vivotek and ACTi have created apps for Smart Phones that connect to your IP cameras wherever you are. With the ability to access your surveillance system from anywhere with a data connection, creating a budget for home security is a growing reality for people to protect their investment!


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