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Small Business Surveillance

Sayers Technology Holdings: OurCoreValues

Sayers Technology Holdings: OurCoreValues

Small business jobs have been growing and owners want to protect their investment. An IP surveillance system and ‘smart’ IP cameras might be the preferable route to go. While IP cameras do have an initial high cost, IP camera companies understand their customers need more for less. As the technology becomes more available, you can get more features for a better price!

Several cameras are specifically designed for offices, retail shops, boutiques, and restaurants. Many IP cameras also have external ports for interfacing other alarm triggers such as door alarms, audio detection, and most IP cameras have some form of motion detection. Depending if you want to keep a surveillance camera on the door at night, to capture your customers faces as they walk in, or need something for loss prevention, there are several different options at your fingertips!

With IP Surveillance you can feel better about the security of your small business and the assets you’ve put into it. Monitoring has never been easier than with the release of IP Surveillance viewer apps from manufacturers such as Qnap and Vivotek. You can log right into your IP Surveillance system and monitor from your smart phone. With that kind of monitoring flexibility, video surveillance is becoming a more pragmatic choice. The benefits will begin to show themselves right away!


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