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TRENDnet TPE-T88g PoE+ Switch Review

TRENDnet GREENnet TPE-T88g PoE+ Switch

Trendnet is taking Ghandi at his word and being the change they want to see in the world.


The Trendnet TPE-T88g is a 16-port 10/100Mbps PoE+ switch from their GREENnet line. TRENDnet’s GREENnet switches are like most ‘green’ switches in that they will automatically turn off unused ports. Unlike other green switches, TRENDnet GREENnet switches can also detect the wattage and power required to make devices work. So not only can they provide class 1, 2, and 3 PoE, but they can also evaluate the length of twisted pair cable it’s running on and power it accordingly.

I went ahead and tried it out myself. I set up the TPE-T88g switch from my home office, so the demands weren’t too high. Set-up was incredibly simple. It comes with a power cable, rack mounts, and a quick installation guide. As I have never set up a switch myself, I admit, I looked at the picture on the qig. Honestly, I probably didn’t need to do even that.

TPE-T88g Power switch

The power cord attached beside a power switch, so whenever you don’t need your devices running, you can literally switch them off. It’s a good feature, this way the power stops here instead of trickling into your devices when you’re not requiring their use; most certainly a green feature. When the power was on there was only a slight hum, so it is one of the more quiet switches I’ve worked with, so don’t expect complete silence. On the front of the appliance are 16-ports: 8 PoE ports (outlined in a teal box) and 8 non-PoE ports. Power LED lights indicate when power/data is running to each port. A solid amber light next to Power indicated the switch was on, and when I plugged into my router (router LAN port to switch non-PoE port #10), a green light lit up and proceeded to flash, indicating that data was being transmitted and received.


I have been using a Polycom IP 550 for my home office phone by plugging into my laptop and accessing the network. Recently, my internet has been flickering out (or in today’s case I unwittingly unplugged the router) so my Polycom hasn’t been staying connected. With the router connected to the TPE-T88g, I plugged my IP 550 into a PoE port. The port light lit up and shortly my Polycom was up and running, dial tone and all. I dialed our manager of technical support and services extension and the call was crisp and clear. I then hooked up a TRENDnet TV-IP262 into another PoE port and immediately the dome IP camera lit up along with the corresponding power and data LED lights on the switch. Sure enough, the camera was powered up and streaming video to the web browser with perhaps a second, maybe a second and a half delay.

Overall, I am personally happy with the TPE-T88g PoE+ switch. I love that it’s a green product, it’s relatively quiet, and looks clean. It worked great and I loved being able to power everything down for the holidays with a flip of the switch, literally. This will definitely be available soon at VoIP Supply!

After testing the TPE-T88g at home, I brought it into the office and now our entire IP camera lab is running off this switch (using about 13 of the 16 ports) and it’s working better than ever. So if you’re thinking about a PoE+ switch for your surveillance system, this option is working out really well for us!


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