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The New MOBOTIX App: the Premium Solution

MxFrontPage App

The long awaited Premium Solution app for MOBOTIX products is finally here!

MOBOTIX has been working on this feature rich app for months. Surveillance gurus have been squirming in their seats to finally see it, and it doesn’t look to disappoint. Available from the App Store for iPhones/iPads (minis)/iPods, this app does so much more than just show you security footage, it let’s you communicate with your MOBOTIX cameras and T24 stations with 2-way audio, signal events such as opening and closing doors, switching lights, complete camera overview, playback, and virtual PTZ. You can basically use your mobile device as a monitoring station. Granted, you can’t do everything you would be able to from a physical security station, but you’ll hardly notice that.

A Screen Shot from iTunes, this picture is definitely not mine.

A Screen Shot from iTunes, this picture is definitely not mine.

MOBOTIX really thought of every situation possible on this one. Not only have they created outstanding physical products with their cameras, but they have added this virtual product to keep the prestige going. Family member locked out of the house while you’re away busy? Unlock the door from the app. Delivery person comes with a package? Give him directions while you’re stuck in traffic (well, local laws allowing; don’t just text/talk on the phone and drive if you’re not supposed to). See who stopped by during the day on playback while on your daily train ride home. Developed in Germany, this app was made to be used this way. From the security standpoint, it’s top notch. It alerts you to any intruder on the premises, preventing you from running into any burglars on your way home and giving you first hand warning to call local authorities.

For more information, you can read all the description details on their App Store download page. The app is completely free and requires at least iOS 5.0, however MOBOTIX recommends iOS 6.0 for best performance, and the MOBOTIX IP Video Door Station T24/MOBOTIX IP Cameras Q22/D22/M22/D12/M12 will all need their firmware updated to or later, available at

Android users will have to continue to be patient; while it hasn’t been released yet, I’m privy to information that your app is in the works.  Unfortunately, that’s all I can tell you.

As this is my personal blog, I feel I should be entirely honest: this is the first version of this app, so do take all this build-up with a grain of salt.  I almost never try the first version of anything (ever), due to the general expected bugs and the kinks still being worked out.  That being said, the Germans do have this thing about churning out excellent products, so even my skeptical self is very optimistic!

Again not mine; a screen shot found on the App Store's page

Again not mine; a screen shot found on the App Store’s page

If you’re a proud MOBOTIX owner, take the time to download this app. I know I will as soon as I have a test camera up and running!  On that note, coming soon: MOBOTIX M24 review.  The app is incredibly impressive and has been months in the making. I think we will all be very pleased with it!


6 comments on “The New MOBOTIX App: the Premium Solution

  1. Stijn Vandenbroucke
    June 4, 2013

    “Android users will have to continue to be patient”…
    Any time indication available? 2013? …

    Best regards,
    Stijn Vandenbroucke

    • TaylorHamp
      June 14, 2013

      Hi Stijn,

      According to the most recent MOBOTIX webinar, they still haven’t announced a release date. But they did confirm that they are working on Android and Windows phone apps right now! I’ll keep my ears open and do an update once I hear some more about it.

      Best Regards,

  2. Stijn Vandenbroucke
    June 15, 2013

    Hi, I’m afraid that this information is not correct. I asked the question to Mobotix Support and the answer is: “Our management has not yet decided if there will be an Android app.”

    Best regards,

    • TaylorHamp
      June 19, 2013

      Hi Stijn,

      Hm, that is odd. My information was not coming from support, it was from a partner’s webinar presented by Mobotix’s Business Development team, so if Mobotix Support is closer to the project (they might be, I did not ask), then you are probably correct. Thanks for the input; I’ll keep an ear out for more information and update as Mobotix announces!

      Best Regards,

  3. Bryan
    September 21, 2013

    Mobotix promised the iOS app with the M24 launch in 2009, they then took until 2013 to release it. So even if an Android app is in the works, don’t hold your breath.

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