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Minis out of Sweden: Axis announces 2 new mini dome IP cameras for their M30 series

The AXIS M3024-LVE and AXIS M3025-VE

The AXIS M3024-LVE and AXIS M3025-VE

Yesterday AXIS announced from Lund, Sweden that we can expect two new AXIS M30-VE network cameras that should fit the niche of the continuous up-and-coming small and medium business sector: the AXIS M3024-LVE and the AXIS 3025-VE mini dome IP cameras.

As the leading name in network cameras, Axis has been slow to respond to the hype cycle, purposely sticking with their trademark lower resolution yet high quality products such as the M10 cube cameras, the P13 slender box cameras, and of course their outstanding indoor/outdoor Q60 series cameras with 360° endless pan, 180° tilt, and varying lengths of optical zoom. In recent times, they’ve brought a handful of their cameras up to 720p and Full HD 1080p resolution, but most still maintain VGA, D1, or SVGA resolution with only a small few going as far as 1MP, without feeling a tight pinch in the budget.

AXIS M3004-V

AXIS M3004-V

AXIS M30 Series Dome Cameras have been a breath of fresh air. The current affordable domes offered such as the AXIS M3004-V (which, by the way, I noticed several in a local artisan beer and cheese store and they looked fabulous) and the rare 5 MP AXIS M3007-P, which bears a remarkable resemblance to a fire detector, have been very popular as they run about the same price as the other runner-up companies of the VoIP world.  These new releases look to be attractive additions to this particular collection.

AXIS M3007-P

AXIS M3007-P

Both IP cameras have day and night capability with the use of an IR-cut filter (the M3024-LVE has built-in IR LEDs for night vision in complete darkness), vandal-resistant casing and both indoor and outdoor ready with NEMA 4X rating, inputs and outputs for external devices, PoE capability, and a built-in MicroSDXC card slot. The AXIS M3024-LVE and M3054-VE are also said to have wide dynamic range capability, video motion detection, tamper detection, compatible for the AXIS Camera Application Platform people counting feature, and support Corridor Format which allows the user to make full use of the security camera in narrow spaces such as hallways and alleys with the 3-axis gimbal lens.

What Axis seems to be shouting the loudest about this IP camera is that it’s an “attractively priced” mini dome. “While the AXIS M30-VE cameras are small in size and price,” said Erik Frännlid, Axis’ director of Product Management, “they provide many benefits including HDTV performance, day/night functionality, (…) and support for the easy-to-use AXIS Camera Companion and other video management software. (…) Altogether, AXIS M30-VE cameras are attractive solutions for professional installations with tight budgets.” There are a lot of great features on these cameras, and I’m curious to see ‘what the damage will be’ once the MSRP is determined.

Overall, it’s exciting news! I’m glad to see Axis filling out their product lines with more IP cameras that can meet the claimed criteria of other network camera companies.

What are your experiences with Axis cameras? Are you happy to see them roll out more affordable mini domes? What do you think Axis holds for the future?


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