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10 Reasons You Want Home Security

You’ve been thinking about home security, but you just can’t justify it.  I understand.  In fact, perhaps some of these reasons have even crossed your mind (be forewarned, the following isn’t actual security camera footage):

1.  See who dropped by.

2.  Watch out for that delivery you’ve been waiting for.

3.  Figure out who has been stealing the tomatoes from your garden you’ve been nurturing for months.



4.  Make certain your neighbor stops making himself at home in your pool.

5.  Footage to figure out who broke into your house.  I still don’t know who did it.

6.  Pet Cam! petcam petcam

7.  Kid Cam!

8.  Peace of mind on those long vacations

9.  So you know exactly when something happens, like sewer back-ups when you’re out of town.

10.  And for catching those perfect moments.

blog.cdn.famigo kid cam

blog.cdn.famigo kid cam

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