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Aastra 6867i Review

Aastra 6867i review

You’ve heard what I had to say on the Aastra 6800i Series as a whole, now read my thoughts about the Aastra 6867i in particular

Previously I wrote about Aastra coming into my office and showing off their new line of 6800i series phones for 2014. Afterwards, I discovered I wasn’t the only one who was impressed–everyone was taken aback by the quality of these phones. In my line of work, we see a lot of cameras and phones, so this is actually saying something. One of my co-workers made the rather blunt comment that “if someone was to throw one of these phones at another’s head, the phone would win.” Definitely a darker allegory than I would concoct, but probably not false either.

And then one day a sample of each released model showed up at our office. There is a perk working in marketing, and trying out all the new products is definitely one of them.

Our IT Guy had an unusual lull in his day, so he was up for switching out my tried-and-true Polycom IP 550 for the Aastra 6867i we received.

Aastra 6867i

IT Guy was back at my desk in no time with a provisioned Aastra 6867i ready to switch out the Polycom phone I’ve had since day 1. I asked how the provisioning went, and his exact words were “Provisioning went swimmingly.” My boss came to watch IT Guy hook up the new phone and IT Guy told us that it was actually the simplest phone he’s provisioned to date. There wasn’t a template available, but the 6757i had a template and it worked as a substitution without a hitch. He went on to say that if our company was going to do an entire phone switch over, the Aastra 6867i would certainly be his top contender because it was so easy to provision. Then he was genuinely surprised to find out that it was actually the top end of Aastra’s line and went to my manager’s office to check out the other two models we received from Aastra.

This all happened last week. Since then I’ve retrieved voice mails, made inhouse calls, outbound calls, and talked over the handset for half hours at a time.

This phone is awesome.

There’s not a lot you can really say about a phone, but honestly, out of all the phone’s I’ve used at other jobs, tested at this job, used at my home office, etc, this phone is undoubtedly my favorite. The 3.5″ QVGA screen is bright, easy to read, easy to navigate, and brings a modern appeal to my desk that frankly the Polycom just couldn’t manage. I’ve had conversations with the same people I’ve spoken to on this phone, and there’s a difference. I could hear clearer, identify voices better, and I didn’t miss using a headset at all.

Now that I’ve actually used this phone in everyday situations, I can vouch for it: the Aastra 67867i is something special. It’s sturdy, it’s modern, the voice/audio quality is truly a step above, and all around, myself and my IT Guy recommend this phone. It’s a winner!


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