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Jabra CHILL: A Thorough Review

It’s been two years in the making, but rest assured this is possibly the most tried and true review of earbuds you’ll ever read.


About two years ago to the day I got a set of Jabra CHILL earbuds as a gift from my company. At the time I was pretty indifferent to this headset, but now I have to say, it’s long due to give these earbuds props.

I’ve used this Jabra CHILL first on my iPhone 4 and then iPhone 5. I would listen to music while writing emails, reading, or doing whatever task. When the workload was painfully dull, I’d listen to audiobooks or podcasts on them. And whenever a video or webinar needed attending, I plugged the CHILL into my PC and could listen to the presentation without bothering those in the cubicles around me. When the weather got nice, I wound the earbuds loosely around my phone and drove to the nearest trail and would jog a pleasant two miles during lunches to enjoy the very limited sunshine we get in my neck of the woods, all the while listening to my books or music over the CHILL.

So why write a little tidbit on the Jabra CHILL? Well, because with all that stress on the wires, the constant plugging and unplugging from device to device, the Jabra CHILLs, which is marked at $24.99 MSRP, has actually outlasted my buds that I bought in addition to my iPhone 4. You know what I’m talking about: they had different sized gels to choose from and a control box in the mic for call answer/call end and volume control. Those were marked at $89 MSRP and now the sound quality is wrecked, the mic hardly picks me, and the wires are gross. The Apple earbuds didn’t live up to the iPhone 4, but this Jabra CHILL has left me stunned.

Granted, after two years of this excessive use, the mic is pretty much shot on these, too. It’s hit and miss whether someone can actually hear me or not, so I usually unplug them for calls, but prior to maybe 3 months ago, they were still working. Just dropped my phone and caught it by the CHILL cord one too many times, I suppose. Towards the end of the summer last year when I was still running outside and would have the cord wrapped around my phone so it wasn’t flapping everywhere, if the cord had tension pulling on it by the 3.5mm aux connector one ear bud might go out, but once the cord had some slack, both ears worked again.

That’s all to be expected. A set of $25 ear buds can only be expected to go so far, but it should be said that the sound quality has held up to the test of time. The audiobooks are crisp and clear, you can hear all the elements in music, and they actually do fit very well into the ear. I even took off the hook ear gels and replaced them with the ones you see in the image below.

Jabra CHILL Review

All in all, if you’re in the market for some cheap earbuds but are concerned about sound quality and like the functionality of call answer/end, track skipping, and volume control, I definitely suggest the Jabra CHILL, you’ll get a great product for the price.

What are some other quality earbuds you’ve used? What is your favorite brand for affordable headsets?


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